22 February, 2008

The world's hottest chili - bhut jolokia pepper

Great article by Stan Sesser in theWall Street Journal about the world's hottest chili, the bhut jolokia pepper (pictured below) from Guwahati, Assam, India.

An extract from Stan's article, "It's 200 times hotter than the jalapeƱo. Workers handle it with goggles and face masks. And spicy-food lovers can't wait to get their hands on it. Most admirers prefer eating them. The Indian pepper is the latest discovery by a fraternity of eaters who relish the sweaty, addictive pleasures of hot chilies."

Here's "Stan the man" bravely trying it out.

They put together a ranking chart for chilis, which is good for any chili addict to work his/her way up. Beware!

On top of a killer recipe for Texas Beef Chili by chef Robert Del Grande, using Mexican Guajillo chilies, the article mentions two sites that specialise in spicey foods: burnmegood.com, who describe the jolokia as "It's so hot, you can't even imagine; when you eat it, it's like dying"; and Fiery Foods.

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